Anthony and Nicola Davis

Hi Steve,

Truly we are at a loss to know where to begin. Thank you is not enough. With your help we have realized a dream that we have imagined for seven years and now have a home… our palace… in which to raise our two children for the next 20 years.

It all began a couple of years ago when you started to help us create our dream home. You told us what was possible and how we could achieve it. You showed us what was available and how to fit our budget.

We were so confident in your ability to deliver on your promises that we didn’t bother to get comparative quotes from people who might have been cheaper and who made promises they wouldn’t keep. We made the correct decision.

Everything that happened during the building phase only reinforced our decision to go with Arlidge Constructions. When our neighbour became troublesome you smoothed him over with your warmth and understanding. Your team was always respectful and professional when we visited the construction site.

During construction there were decisions to make and you always pre-empted them with the ideal information to enable us to make the best decision. The finish on everything was beyond our expectations. If we did it again we would change nothing!

Finally there was the completion date. We had been warned over and over by other who had experienced the building industry’s failure to meet its time commitments. You met yours exactly as you had scheduled despite delays for bad weather and other issues.

We have ‘come home’ so we offer you and your whole team… a sincere thank you!

Anthony and Nicola Davis 

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